Friday, October 1, 2010

Guild UFO Fun

We are going to challenge each other to complete some of our unfinished fabric objects, otherwise known as UFO.  You can choose as many or as few as you want, but you have to put into writing how many you are going to attempt to finish by the May meeting.  For each one that you list you have to put a fat quarter of fabric into the pot.  There are other rules, but lets just say I am going to admit to 11 UFOs.  Some just need to be quilted and bound, so they should be fairly simple projects, but there is one in that category that I am a little anxious about tackling because of all the embroidered parts.  Are there others in my head or in my stash?  I will admit to the ones in my head, but the others are my secret.  There are a couple of WIPs (Works In Progress), but since I have not laid them aside, I am not going to count them.  Guess I will have plenty to do in the next 7 months.  Should not have to spend much money on fabric or thread, either because I have everything to make the ones listed.

Just quilting and binding(couple are going to be donated):
  1. Frog Favorite from 2007
  2. Beginner lap quilt from Frog group 2007
  3. Noah's Ark lap quilt from 2009
  4. Baby quilt made while living in TN 2008
  5. Four Seasons quilt with lots of embroidering 2009
Have started but kind of dropped it out of my rotations:
  1. Christmas redwork 2009
  2. Flower redwork 2010
  3. Jamie and my buck a block quilt 2009
  4. Fat Quarter Sampler 2009
Have ALL the material but have not sewn a stitch:
  1. Christmas Nativity quilt by Nancy Halverson 2008
  2. Batik quilt using an Aardvark pattern 2009
After reading my list, I know some of you are wondering when there will be enough time, but I have my own quilting business and business has been very slow, so I am guessing that I am up for the challenge.  At the moment, I only have two quilts to quilt and one is mounted ready to go.  I will also continue to do charity quilting one day a week, but I have learned to let others do the binding on these.  Kevin's retirement quilt is coming along fine, and I just have a few borders, quilting and a little binding left for a couple of others. 

Life is good!  No complaints!

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