Monday, October 4, 2010

Lots of Work Done, BUT Not a Thing for Show and Tell Today

I cleaned up all the loose threads on the Noah quilt and have bound about 15", but there is nothing to show, yet.  Would have accomplished more but took time to talk to a friend and take care of a few other tasks tonight.
During the day, after swimming, I also made 3 more wheelchair tops, but I will wait until I quilt and bind them to show.  If you want to know what they look like see yesterday's post.  Based on all the info I have gathered, wheelchair quilts should be no bigger than 36x45.  The two tops I made with 6" squares required 63 blocks.  The two I made with 5" squares required 80 blocks.  Discovered that the one inch larger blocks were actually less manageable because there are so many different types of fabric, but there are only a few places where the corners did not match exactly. (Some of these fabrics do not lend themselves well to having their seams ripped.)  Once quilted and washed, I don't think anyone will actually see the few corners that are a scant 1/8" off.  I will know, but I can live with it.  These are comfy quilts that wash up nicely and have lots of textures because of the varieties of fabrics.  They will be a sense of calm to those that touch them.
Also went through the stash to find greens and browns to use in a few more table runners that will feature my FIL's embroidery pieces.  I am looking forward to cutting into the fabric tomorrow after I quilt Elaine's lap size quilt.
I am smiling and enjoying the fact that I have time for quilting pleasures!

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