Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do you do with scraps that are too small?

Because I made a statement at one sew-in that I sew my "too small" scraps of fabric and batting into dog pillows that I donate to the humane society, I have received far too many bags of scraps from my quilting friends.  DO SEND MORE, MAKE YOUR OWN AND DONATE. (It feels good!)  Then this past week, I have been purging my studio and finding fabrics that are very old and not worthy of quilts or donation - not because they are too ugly, but because of what they are made of or because they really are very thin or too loosely woven.  So far this year, I have donated 10 dog beds and am getting ready to stuff and donate some more.  Upholstery and denim go into the covers.  Everything else goes inside: bits of batting, small scraps, leftover fleece, and rejected fabric donations that others do not want but can't seen ti just toss away, either.  The pillows need to be at least 18 x 18, but I have made a few that are 30 x 30 for a few big dogs. 

Update on backings for the HeartString quilts.  We now have 30 backs, but 54 kits.  Somehow, the needed backings will appear.  I have faith because these quilts serve a worth purpose.  I  will keep you posted.

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  1. 30 is pretty good...I find that when my backing stack gets low, someone usually sends more. I haven't run out in quite a while.