Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Christmas BOM for September

I just finished the last of this month's blocks. I thought I only had to do two in order to be on track, but the recount showed that I needed all three. Tonight, I had to make three different sets of nine-patch block sets. The blocks are 3x3 inches. They go in several different places on the quilt. (The colors are not accurate, but I think it has something to do with where I chose to photograph them.) The train took quite a bit of time and will be 6x21. When I finished appliqueing the required parts I felt that the engine still needed some trim so I added the red pieces. Jamie and I have discussed adding some red trim to the top of the middle car, but I have not committed to it yet. Any opinions? The Santa block has lots of pieces and is not foundation pieced so I was a little concerned with making it come out to be the right size, but it is right on the mark, 8x12. In the photo, there is a bend in the fabric near the top of the hat, but I checked to make sure it was really okay. There are no facial features because it is done in what was referred to as the "Amish" style. I love it when a plan comes together!!!!

Forgot to Share the End Product

Back in June I decided that I needed to get crack-a-lacking and make a special quilt for my soon to be born grandson. I fell in love with another curved quilt that I had made and decided that I wanted to make one for the baby, as well. I pieced it and added a new border that I dreamt up one night. Jamie asked for a flannel back, and I had just the right piece for the back, so I was in business. Then I put it aside to get ready for quilt camp and lots of other things. Suddenly, it was time to give it to her and I still had not decided how to quilt it. As I paged through lots of design books, I realized that many would think this was an inappropriate pattern because the center is also known as the "drunkard's path" layout, but I don't hold much with what others choose for names. I call this one "Hisnibs" because the kids were not willing to share the baby's name until he arrived. Guess what, he has arrived and just like my way of thinking my new grandson's name does not match his quilt's name. His name is Henry.
For those that want to know how I finally decided to quilt the quilt, I used my regular machine and simply quilted it diagonally through each block using navy thread. I did not do any quilting in the border. Because I used "Warm and Natural" as my batting I did not need to quilt it too closely. The binding is attached by machine so that is how the outer edge is anchored. I really love this little quilt, and apparently so do my friends because they have used the borders on their own versions of the quilt. If you need some details on making the border, just let me know.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Couple of Random Thoughts

Have you every cut out a quilt and decided that it was just not something that you would ever be willing to make or give to someone? I tried very hard to love not one but two such projects, but I just could not. I like the design and I like most of the fabric, but neither one of them said "Baby Quilt" to me. Even so, I am going to bag the parts and let myself stew over them for awhile and see if I can figure out how to best use the fabric. (Quilters do not tend to throw out perfectly good fabric, thus we all have stashes! - Wonder if Jamie wants to inherit these now or in the distant future????) That being decided, you should see what I am doing now. It is going to be a fun surprised for the babies and their parents. I will show you when I am done creating.

Second thought: A few weeks ago I shared my version of "Canyon Waves" and told you I would share Jamie's when she finished. With mere days to spare, she finished hers for my soon to be born grandson.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Better Than Flowers and Filled with Prayers!

One of my very dear teaching friends in Missouri has a daughter going through treatment for breast cancer. I personally have never met this young woman, but I feel as if I have known her for years because mommas talk, right? Based on her current blog about this experience , I know she has had some tough times, but she has been so upbeat and an inspiration for me. She is a woman of strong faith and will find her way through it. She has a very supportive family, as well. All of them can use more prayers.
When I make comfort quilts that is exactly what I do as I sew. I count each stitch as a pray for her and her family and anyone else that is going through a similar illness. This particular comfort quilt has all kinds of different fabrics and one message. The purpose of this comfort quilt is two-fold: to help keep her warm while she is going through treatment and to give her something hopefully make her smile and distract her during tough times.
The beginnings of this pattern came from http://blog.maryquilts.com/. Mary explained how to make heartstring quilts. After I had all the blocks made, my husband and I rearranged several times and decided this would be a fun version. Bright, colorful, and made with love and prayers.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Klutz, I am!

Over the past few weeks I have been working with a splint on my right wrist. I am known to be a bit of a klutz(Can you hear my family laughing at that understatement?) and have goofy accidents about every three years. This one timed out just like clockwork. I was helping my husband with a woodworking project and got clobbered by a piece of lumber. No break, just excessive swelling that did not want to go away. I thought that I would just ignore it, but after a week of not being able to do much sewing, I went to the doctor. Several sets of x-rays and an orthopaedic visit later, I was sporting a lovely black brace because I voted down the cast (Hate the smell!). Makes it easier to get my sewing up and running again, but.............

To add insult to injury, I decided it was really time to work on my physical self and got really involved with the WiiFit. I love doing the step segment. I am a klutz without rhythm, though. I pulled a muscle in the side of my knee and was told not to do too many stairs for a few weeks and to avoid walking the hills. GREAT excuse not to exercise, but I was not looking for one. I am going to start doing water exercises next week. (I can swim, so I feel I can save myself! lol)

Despite the injuries, I have managed to quilt 5 tops, bind 3 of them, make a comfort quilt for a friend's daughter, make 3 tied flannel baby comforters, help Dad H create a quilt design for his newest embroidery efforts, finished the 3 blocks for my Christmas BOM, and cut out several baby quilts. Progress is not what it normally would be, but it is still progress. I have also managed to read several books, prepare and serve dinner for 10, and entertain a few grandbabies.

Life is good! Pollyanna and I can always play the "Glad Game" if we start to feel down. I am glad that I have the ability to adjust, but I am even more glad that I have a wonderful husband who is always available to cheer me on and help with whatever needs doing!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Canyon Waves

It is finished! I had a hard time deciding how to quilt this one. I thought about doing it on my regular machine and echoing the curves, but instead I did a smaller meander in the curved areas and left the other areas unquilted. It appears to be a little 3-D that way. Fits the quilt's title because it seems a little like waves and creates a fun textural feel. I enjoyed learning how to make the curves and discovering that they went together without making me rip every time. Best part of making this quilt was that I took the class with my daughter and had such a good time. So nice to share a common interest with one that I love! Jamie thinks she is going to quilt hers this weekend when they visit. I will add a photo when it is done.