Monday, September 14, 2009

Better Than Flowers and Filled with Prayers!

One of my very dear teaching friends in Missouri has a daughter going through treatment for breast cancer. I personally have never met this young woman, but I feel as if I have known her for years because mommas talk, right? Based on her current blog about this experience , I know she has had some tough times, but she has been so upbeat and an inspiration for me. She is a woman of strong faith and will find her way through it. She has a very supportive family, as well. All of them can use more prayers.
When I make comfort quilts that is exactly what I do as I sew. I count each stitch as a pray for her and her family and anyone else that is going through a similar illness. This particular comfort quilt has all kinds of different fabrics and one message. The purpose of this comfort quilt is two-fold: to help keep her warm while she is going through treatment and to give her something hopefully make her smile and distract her during tough times.
The beginnings of this pattern came from Mary explained how to make heartstring quilts. After I had all the blocks made, my husband and I rearranged several times and decided this would be a fun version. Bright, colorful, and made with love and prayers.

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