Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two More UFOs Finished!

The embroidered blocks are from
a Dakota Collectibles Collection
called Noah's Ark Babies
 I have finished two more of my UFOs so I only have 8 more on my list.  Binding is one of the things that I enjoy doing while we are driving from point A to point B.  We had about 8 hours of it this weekend, so I took both to do.  I finished just as we arrived back in town.  Of course, I did take a 2 hour nap one way.
The Noah's ark quilt is a collaboration with my FIL's embroidery and my pieces.  At one time I taught in a Catholic school and used the story of Noah as an overall theme for the year.  This will stay here and go into my Noah bedroom.
This baby quilt was a BOM from Sew Many Ideas
in Jackson, TN, designed by the shop owner.

When I lived in Tennessee a friend and I took this BOM class.  The owner designed hers with lots of embroidered bugs, but we decided to keep it simple.  We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Jackson, and after class went out to lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of goofing off.  When she asked me to quilt hers, all of us got a big surprise.  She came to the house but did not stop in the driveway.  She drove up into the side wall of my garage and then managed to reverse the car and careened down the hill just missing the neighbors gas meter.  Seems something stuck!  To me it sounded like a plane had hit the house.  She was fine, but her car was totalled!

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