Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making HeartString Kits

Do you have any idea about how long it takes to make 33 kits for HeartStrings Quilts of Valor or any other HeartStrings for that matter?  I do not know any exact amount of time, but I am now cutting the center strips, 10" foundation squares and backs.  If I have enough yardage, I also cut out pillow cases for the QOV.  I  worked on it  yesterday and again most of today, but the end is not really in sight, yet.  I am determined to get the clutter put away.  Over the last few weeks,  I had help with a lot of the cutting and sorting the strings for QOV, juvenile, and other categories.  Then the bagging of strips began yesterday morning.  Sharon and I bagged enough strips for 14 of the 33 kits we are currently  putting together.  (More strings are busy multiplying themselves in the closet.  Leaving the light on does not deter them one bit. LOL)

Since I have donated a lot of the fabric, my stash is starting to be a much more reasonable size.  However, foundation fabric was purchased again today (I buy it by the bolt.  Thank goodness for 50% off coupons.  =0)

Guild members and my FIL will sew these kits together. Then I will quilt them and get others to help with the binding.   I have a request for 20 QOV at the end of January so they are the priority.  We only need 10 more.  Whatever others are completed will be displayed at our quilt show in February and then donated to several different organizations in our area.

Love doing charity work, but I am going to try to spend some time this week on a few of my UFOs and a baby quilt.  Also have to make more time for the gym now that I have a trainer watching over me.

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