Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Goals

Besides the 6-month visit to the dentist, I am going to be sewing.  My goal is to quilt at least 6 of the 9 remaining blocks today.   The quilting of each block took me about 40 minutes yesterday, but I think I finally have a stategy that will speed the process. Then, tonight I plan to finish appliquing the ornaments on my Christmas quilt.  Because I want to have both of these quilts ready to take along for hand stitching of the binding, I have to really focus today.

My husband finished all 30 of his large 16 patch blocks yesterday.  He has been careful to trim all the threads, press the seams with care, and do a pretty good job of matching all the corners. 12 of them have embroidered animals in the middle instead of 4 of the patches (The embroidered squares have a little pull in them, but his dad made them with love, so he will work with them -  He said the fit in because they will be part of a "loving quilt".  He is going to try and have it all put together in the next few days, including the border.  He said he thinks that I want to do the quilting, but we will see.  My schedule is full, but I like to keep him inspired.  lol

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