Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My husband and I have spent a good chunk of our married life moving all over the country as a military family.  Now we are headed for his retirement and a move back to South Dakota (We think.)  We have talked of many options but one that has appeared several times is the idea of opening a retreat lodge where we could both put our passions to work and also spend time offering a place where people could come to relax, read, quilt, do woodworking, visit with a few others, find space to have personal quiet time, and maybe go hunting in season.  It could be a time for a friends' get away, or even a great couple's week or weekend.
  • I have been quilting for many years and consider myself the type of person who will provide positive support and insights for newer quilters, while learning from those who want to come and share the experience.  I also have a HQ16 that I use to quilt for several customers and have also taught several of my friends to use to quilt charity quilts.
  • My husband makes beautiful arts and crafts furniture and does lots of turned work, as well.  When he builds a piece of furniture for our home, he considers how it will be use in our situation and customizes the size and interior to fit our needs.
  • We both value time spent reading, talking, relaxing with friends, and taking time to be still and reflect on our blessings.
  • We would locate our lodge somewhere near Sioux Falls.
If you have any thoughts please feel free to share them.  We are thinking about lots of other options, as well, but thought my readers might just have some opinions that would help us with our thoughts.


  1. From an email: the lodge/retreat type business sounds very cool

  2. This would be AWESOME and you guys would be good at it.

  3. Totally awesome!!! Don't forget to include sunset cruises on the 'toon when you're advertising! You could have themed quilt camps. Love!

  4. Sound like the type of place we would enjoy a holiday .... but it is a long long way from South australia