Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I did it!

My goal for this day was to quilt four more of the blocks in the 5 Seasons quilt that I made with my FIL.  It is 5:12 PM and I have reached my goal.  I have 11 done.  That means there are only 9 more plus the inner and other border to do with the SSOITD (stitch-sort-of-in-the-ditch)  This quilt is far too large for me to handle easily in my domestic machine, but I thought it might be better for SID than on the longarm.  Fortunately the thread tends to blend in and as my husband calls these quilts - loving quilts, it is just fine with me.  I will try to do something more on this tonight be cause the ultimate goal is to complete the hand sewing on the binding within the next week.

While I have been working on mine he has continued to work on his own quilt.  Because he has shingles he can't do lots of his normal things, like go to work in a uniform (belt rubs on the shingles).  He has been handling work stuff over the phone and computer since nobody cares that he wears sweats if they don't see them.  He has some big pains in some areas so he sews a little, works a little, and then takes naps.  He does not know how to just sit still, except when he is reading and he tends to rest his book at his waist, so....

He has not lost his edge, though.  He has won 3 of 4 cribbage games in the last two days.  That means I have lost 3 of 4.  Not complaining though because I just like to spend time with him.

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