Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Fun

We are in the middle of a large snow storm.  In years past I would not have thought about it in terms of how much I would have to shovel, but this year has been much different. We have had lots of snow and my husband has been doing a great deal of traveling so I have been perfecting my skills. However, this time my husband is home, but he has a bad case of shingles, so I am doing it my way, and he is watching from the window.(It is "killing" him to just watch.)  Tonight I used the snow blower to clear the first part of the storm.  With all the blowing, there were many large drifts.  Some were taller than the top of the snow blower, but since we have experienced lots of melting it was easy enough to get the snow over the top of the old snow piles.  When I just checked out the window, there is some evidence that I shoveled, but there is quite a bit of fresh snow waiting for me to deal with in the morning.  I really do love snow, but I am beginning to think that spring could come sooner rather than later.

Because of the impending snow, I went to church last night.  Today, besides the shoveling, has been spent loading a Christmas quilt and reorganizing my Heart String boxes.  Yesterday's sew-in was well worth the efforts, but there is always the need to reorganize things and set up things so that I can do the quilting.  I have been very busy trimming blocks and counting how many more are needed to complete the unfinished quilts.  As always, it amazes me that we accomplished so much and had so much fun doing it.

Although he would not consider complaining, my husband is not good at just sitting no matter how he feels so after several hours on his laptop and a few games of cribbage with me, he decided he would have to do something.  That is how both of his other quilts started.  This time we were sort of prepared for him to begin because we had created an EQ design using fabric from my stash and 12 embroidered blocks created by my father-in-law on his embroidery machine.  There were lots of 5" squares already cut, so it took us less than 1/2 and hour to make enough for the remainder of the king-sized quilt.  He made 8 - 16 patch blocks and is set up to make the others over the next few days.  Thank goodness he actually came up with something to do that can occupy him while he heals.

Maybe tomorrow I will start by making banana bread. Then I will workout with all the shoveling followed by quilting and cribbage. As Always, I am counting my blessings and playing the "glad game" just like Pollyanna.  Hope all is well in your worlds.

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