Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart String Blocks, Banana Bread, and MORE SNOW

6 x10 rectangles
6 x 6 with a 2 1/2 " border

juvenile prints 50 x70

2 Quilts of Valor and 1 for a women's shelter

6 x10 rectangles

All of the 50 x 70 size quilts were put together at our sewing day.  The 6 x 6 with the green dotted centers needs to have the binding added.  The rectangular block quilts are not finished but wanted to share.  There are a number of others that need just a couple more blocks or borders, and then there are some that are only halfway there.  I believe that 9 tops went home with members to be finished.  One lady called to tell me she was going to put her top together today since it was snowing and she needed to be doing something.  Hope that holds for several others, too.  Guess you can already figure out that I will have a number of quilts to quilt in the next few weeks.  Love doing these!

I spent the morning repacking all the semi-completed quilt tops and putting all the other things that I took to the sewing day back in their places.  I followed that up by making some delicious banana bread using my mom's recipe. 

As we finished lunch the snow plows went by in each direction so I headed out to clear away the snow.  My guess is that we had 13-15 inches total, but then it is snowing again, so...  While I was clearing the snow (already had cleared the snow the plow had added to the driveway) the plow made one more pass on our side of the street and re-filled my driveway.  The driver did smile and look a little guilty, but I am still glad I had cleared the first bunch because the second was just as large a pile.  Kevin came out and supervised, so I think he is feeling a little better. 

Now we are back inside.....had a hot drink and a slice of banana bread while we warmed up.  The laundry is almost done and I am going to get back to quilting the queen size Christmas quilt.  Hope to have it done today so that I can attach the binding and do the hand sewing while we watch a movie tonight.  It is just one of those cozy kind of days.

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