Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Four Seasons Challenge

I have done a few smaller quilts using SITD on my domestic, but this is the first full size and probably the last!  It seems to take forever to do one block and there are 20 to do.  Wish I could say that all the stitches are hidden, but I am going to let some of that slide and just "get it done."  It is 8:55 AM and I am just about finished with the 7th block.  I am posting this right now so that I will feel accountable to report in later today.  I have a couple of small errands to do, but no snow to shovel, so I am setting a goal of completing 4 more blocks today.  Before the weekend comes, I plan to have it finished and have the binding attached so that it can be stitched down on our next car trip.  It is one of my UFO projects for guild. 

My UFO goal for the month had been to finish the quilt that Jamie and I were each making, but I decided that I needed to deal with some that would ultimately give me binding to do on our adventures.  I also have a queen size Christmas quilt that my FIL and I worked on together, and I got it quilted early this week and have attached and hand sewn 2 sides of the binding.  I have 7 round ornament appliques that I plan to add, as well.   I just keep plugging away.  No new quilts planned for me but have a customer quilt (one from start to finish) that needs to get going next week.

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