Saturday, March 27, 2010

Working on Our Life Quilts

Yesterday I spent time with a friend working on our life quilts --- We never lifted a needle, but we worked with great care on our life quilts where one comment or visual lead to another and then the offer of another thought.  Through it all, the stitching continued.  We talked about fabric, techniques, family, the idea of prejudice, loving spouses, the news of the day, our life journeys, and our wonderful meal choices. We had come together so that I could pass on some embroidery I had done for her and then share lunch.  That could have been accomplished in an hour, but somehow being quilters generally means that the process takes triple the time.  What a glorious way to spend an afternoon!  It was the second time this week that I contemplated how I was adding special little touches to my life quilt simply by spending time sharing with a good friend.  My life quilt will never be complete as long as I have breathe, but I love all the additions and modifications I continue to make on it. 
I encourage everyone to think about what they have put into their life quilts -- I believe I need to put the joy, sadness, smiles, tears, happiness, regrets, friendships, faith, questions, pride, effort, goals, beliefs, rejections, loneliness, righteous anger, fierce love, light, dark, and every feeling and color in between to make an absolutely spectacular life quilt.  The quilter in me knows that you need light, dark and medium to create a real work of art.  My life quilt is still developing and changing, but it is already a wonderful work of art.

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