Friday, March 5, 2010

A Little More about the Fat Quarter Sampler Quilt

I was talking to my niece and asked if she would find it interesting to know the name of each of the blocks I have made.  I decided that I would put all that I have made, up to this point, for this quilt in one blog.  After this, I will name them as I go.
Although the photos make a few look like then are not square or rectangular, it is simply the way they were photographed.  I have 10 more types to make and then 4 inch even stars.  Only one is applique.  I am planning to me the quilt larger, so I may add another applique and a 9-patch, and some duplicates of others.  Does anyone know of any blocks called South Dakota, Virginia, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, California, South Carolina, Kansas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Maine?
I have a busy week and will be spending time ma finishing some quilting on my shamrock quilt, a consignment quilt and a couple of comfort quilts.  If time permits I want to attach several binds so that I can work on them as we travel to see family later in the month. 
From top to bottom:
1. Evening Star - three 8 inch blocks
2. Dutchman's Puzzle
3. Log Cabin - actually 4 blocks
4.  Windmill - 6 of 7 finished blocks
5. Cypress
6. Card Trick
7. Pinwheels
8. Flying geese - 12 blocks
9. Louisiana


  1. Here is Iowa.