Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shamrocks from my STASH of Leftovers

I realize that St. Patrick's Day has passed, but I did finish my two shamrock quilts last week and want to share.  I did not purchase anything new to make these - what does that say about the size of my stash considering every bit of the tops are made with shamrock fabric? (Maybe it is the luck of the Irish that I had enough?)  The small one with the bright green back is not any pattern or even well thought out as far as fabric placement, but it was my test piece for trying the shamrock panto quilting design.  Already have been using it to take the chill off on a cool Minnesota evening.  It will probably make it into the boat bag in May for those cooler evenings on the water.  The other quilt is made using the Yellow Brick Road pattern and quilted with the shamrock design as well (makes the quilt soft and light).  My spouse pointed out that the backing fabric looked like spilled green beer.  (Still laughing, but he is right.) I finished the binding on Saturday morning at the motel.  By 2:00, my grandchildren were already using it.   I think it will look great on the end of a bed or even as a tent for my dear grandkids.   I make quilts to be used and loved. 

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