Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going to a Strong, Supportive Military Spouse

I have done and will still do Quilts of Valor for our service members, but I know a young woman who is doing just as much by being strong and supportive of her husband and the work that he does so well.  I decided to send her this small token to let her know that what she does to make his job easier is greatly appreciated.  As a military spouse of almost 30 years, myself, I know about many of the challenges she faces, and I admire her heart and soul for allowing her spouse to do his job no matter what it takes.  To all other service spouses, thank you for what you are doing, too.  I pray for all of you and your spouses every day.
This lap quilt will be on its way to Kansas on Wednesday.  Hope the different fabrics will bring her smiles and feel like a warm hug from someone who cares very much about all that she is going to experience on her journey with her wonderful military spouse.


  1. Sweet!! Way to show support! She will so appreciate your thoughtfulness. She may be a support to her husband but we spouses sure appreciate those who appreciate our soldiers. And showing her this tangible gift will warm her heart, I am sure.

  2. This beauty made it safely to Kansas today. Thank you again for honoring me with your thoughts, talents and fabric!