Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plans for the Week

I truly enjoy my life, and look forward to the start of each day.  At one point I thought it would be very hard not teaching math (no jobs available when we arrived in the area), but I love what I am doing right now!
  • I have a quilt in the machine and plan to have it finished today with the binding attached and ready to be handstitched by bedtime. 
  • Tomorrow my friend and I will be sharing our knowledge of how to make beautiful designs on our HandiQuilters. (We try to do this several times a month --- I have learned so much from all this sharing.)
  • The wedding quilt is progressing.  I forgot to get the border fabric when I purchased everything, so we travelled to several wonderful quilt shops yesterday and were fortunate enough to have found just the right piece.  The goal is to have the top finished before Monday.
  • Water exercises (Monday through Friday) ----LOVE GOING!!!!
  • Going out to lunch and meeting with a client about some embroidery on Friday.
  • Work at the quilt shop several days, but since I love fabrics and talking to other quilters it reall is not a chore.
  • Dinner party for 15-25 on Saturday.  Lasagna and mandarin salad on the menu.
  • Guess I will have to dust and vacumm, too. 

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