Friday, April 30, 2010

As Kevin would say, I have have been a busy little lady!

       Once I got crack-a-lacking after swimming yesterday, I was very productive.  I practiced quilting by using some older fabric to make 5 dog beds for Last Hope.  I cut more strips for the Quilts of Valor/HeartStrings Quilt Project, vacuumed all the nooks and crannies in my studio, wound bobbins, and then got to work on completing a friend's projects: the last 2 of 3 table toppers are waiting for the hand stitching of the binding, the pillow with the paper-pieced top is also done and waiting for the final seam to be hand stitched.  I even found time to make the long forgotten tuna casserole that my husband likes.
       Before swimming today, I made 10 more red/white/blue HeartStrings blocks, did two loads of rugs and towels, and started trimming down the r/w/b blocks.  Once I was back home I had to do some paper chores, but that only took an hour - bill paying seems less involved than it was 5 years ago!
       Once all the household tasks were completed, there was time to lay out the finished r/w/b blocks for another Quilt of Valor/HeartStrings quilt.  Once I have a little time to think about where I really want the blocks, I will stitch them together and plan to quilt and bind it on Monday, so that it can be part of a show and tell activity at the nursing home.
         With all this said and done, I am back to more fun fabric frolics. The rest of the afternoon will be spent bagging kits for making 10 blocks at a time.  Based on the cutting I have done, there should be enough for 5 or 6 more r/w/b quilts, several brights. 2 flowered, and several kid friendly quilts.  The ones that are not finished on the 15th will simply be work on during the remainder of the year.  It is going to be an ongoing project, but this first workday needs to be successful to draw more of the guild members in. 


  1. The blocks are looking good. Getting it together, quilted, and bound bu Monday sounds like a bit of a task though!

  2. Its looking good - But I think I am jealous that you swam... That sounds great!