Sunday, April 11, 2010


            As it always seems to go, I feel like I am making progress in all areas of my life and them WHAM!  This time I broke my left big toe.  Never have a simple cold or a bruise!  I tend to go for something more unique each time, but it never happens when I am involved in some risky and dramatic adventure, either.  This time I went to have a pedicure (something I rarely do, but love).  I stepped into the foot tub while climbing into the chair.  My foot flew forward and crash with a magnificent slam into the front of the tub.  I wanted to believe it was just a stubbed toe, so I continued with the pedicure and just asked the lady to be gentle with that toe.  My feet look great!
          Back to the toe part--When I took my foot out of the tub for her to finish up (I don't get them polished! Besides that, what goes with 5 shades of intense purple and blue?), it was a glorious deep purple with a number of tints and deep blues, which would have looked great in a quilt, but the pain was another issue.  I paid and walked 5 car lengths to my car.  I was sweating and nausea beyond belief.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 12+.  I was right by the place where I get my hair cut, and decided that I would go in and do that because I felt too nausea to drive.  It was a good day to get it colored, as well, so 2 hours later I finished and drove home.  Showed it to the husband who pointed out that the doctor's office had closed about 2 minutes before.  We made a trip to urgent care where the doctor said, "I am pretty certain it is broken, but lets do an x-ray."   Most of you know there is very little to be done for a broken toe, except to stay off it and try not to use the stairs.  I also did not go to water exercise classes because of the steps and ladders. Mine is taped and I have a surgical boot to help prevent bending it.  GRRRRRR!
       I have avoided the stairs for a number of days, but that also means I have not been in my studio, at the computer, or in front of the TV for a week.  I read 2 mysteries and a couple of books about the Amish.  I made lots of yo-yos for more yo-yo monkeys, took a few naps, and even managed to work at the quilt shop several days (no steps and easy pace), but I really missed being in my studio and sitting watching a movie with my husband while I bound a quilt.
        Yesterday, I made my way carefully down the stairs and sorted strips and strings for some future quilting projects.  I cleaned up some other fabric thought piles, as well.  I read my emails and even responded to a couple, but that was enough to start up the throbbing again.  Today I am actually going to sew for an hour before going to work.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back in the pool and almost back to my normal routine.
       If you are not a klutz, you probably do not understand, but I try to take all of this in stride.  I have come to expect an occasional setback, but it does not mean I like them.  I do feel that I have a weird way of dealing with pain, though.  Who else do you know that would have continued with the pedicure or had a haircut before dealing with something like a broken bone? 

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  1. Ouch!! Oh, my, I am so sorry that happened. (Yes, I'm smiling a bit at you continuing with the pedicure and then a haircut. [eye roll])
    Get well soon!