Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embarrassing, But True

My studio is the biggest mess it has ever been, and I am actually too embarrassed to let anyone in,so there will be no photos, either.  I am going to spend a good chunk of the day cutting strips for the HeartStrings quilts we will be working on in May (want to vaccumm only one time today).  Then I am going to do a complete deep cleaning.  I can work with a little fabric clutter but this is my version of out of control.  Guess that when I finally came downstairs after breaking my big toe and started doing some sewing I must have lost control of how many projects to have out at one time. Then I added the fabric for the HeartStrings project and......... Tomorrow will be another day and there will be some completed tops to show by Tuesday of next week.  (Kevin calls this positive thinking, but I am thinking more like positive dreaming!)  I will update you on the progress later in the week.


  1. inquiring minds would love to see pics of a fabric disaster!

  2. As I said, I was too embarrassed by the mess, but it is almost clean. The problem was that I was having Kevin stash things on my cutting table until I could go down the stairs, plus I have been cutting tons of fabric into strips to make HeartStrings quilts like the one I sent you. Then we had overnight guests, which I loved, but one of spare beds was covered with kits I am making for the Heartstrings project. Needed to move those into the studio to make room for all the little bodies. It was hard enough to admit to the overwhelming mess without photographing it!