Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Report

        Thought I would be done cutting strips for HeartStrings by the end of the day on Monday, but the fabric seems to be multiplying!  My space is getting cleaner and things have been more or less reorganized, but the cutting table has seen hours of action.  I did take some time off to work on my ever expanding "life quilt" and will take more off through the weekend because I will be working each day, but I am going to try very hard to be done with the cutting in the next day or two.  The color sorting, bagging and final staging for the HeartStrings work day will continue, but I will have a clean studio to do it.
     My toe is still too big for my regular shoes, but I have been able to go to the pool and do part of the water exercises, so I am feeling positive about the recovery - just wish it would heal overnight.  With all the tape that has been on the toes, I am now hairless.  I do not recommend this type of hair removal!  My skin has a shiny red glow where it is not bruise-purple.  Such a thing of beauty!!!
       I have used EQ6 for a couple of years, but only fumbled my way through it. (I was more of an abuser rather than an expert.)  Therefore, my friend and I have decided to work through all the lessons and several chapters during the next few months so that we can claim that we are beginning experts.  Yesterday was a great deal of fun as we moved our way thorough the first lesson. I thought I already knew most of this lesson, but I picked up quite a bit of information that will make everything a little quicker that my former trial and error method.  My friend has a new HP computer so we had a few added things to consider, but I used my "antique" laptop and probably had just as many little glitches to consider.  Learning this software with a friend has made it much more enjoyable, but has also kept me honest about doing each and every part.   
      What time I have in my studio today will be spend cutting, cutting, and doing more cutting.  Don't you wish you were here to play?

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