Monday, January 17, 2011

Well, Winter does that to us!

My husband has not been home much, but he has been frustrated by the cold in his wood shop.  He builds furniture and turns bowls, wine stoppers, etc to relaxed when he is home, but since we moved north he has not been able to do much during Dec. through Feb. so he actually turns his thinking to quilts as an alternative.  When he travels he reads and works with different programs on his computer to design furniture.  We will have some new pieces come spring.  He is the type that likes to keep busy.
With his dad here, we are not on the go much when he is home, so today we played on the EQ and created a quilt for friends.  It will have 12 embroidered blocks and lots of charm squares.  The embroidered blocks are done.  He is helping me use up my stash, and keeping busy at the same time.  That being said, it is not something that was planned on my lists of quilts for the year, so he will be doing lots of the sewing and has also agreed to quilt it with meandering.  He does not do binding!
It feels good to know that even if quilting is not high on his list of favorites, he still appreciates them and knows the lingo, so when he is in need of something to do, quilting comes to mind.

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