Monday, January 31, 2011

No photos but have to share!

This past weekend I was honored to be a facilitator at a Navy Returning Warrior Workshop.  The purpose of these weekends is to help sailors and their families reconnect.  There are lots of valuable workshops and speakers presenting thoughtful, useful coping skills and strong support that will help to help the sailor and significant others make the transition back into a well functioning unit.  The events are for reservists and active duty who have recently returned from deployment whether they are single or married.  One of the events is a Banquet of Honor where the transition team makes a big show of truly honoring the service of the sailor AND the spouse or other significant person.  There were certificates of heartfelt thanks for both the sailors and their guest, and then each returning warrior was wrapped in a Quilt of Valor either by their spouse/significant other or a caring member of this support team.  There were many tears and lots of smiles.  Being part of handing over those healing quilts was so uplifting!  Many that I talked to the next morning said it was the most wonderful recognition of their service to country they had received.    Lots of hugs followed.
For all that make the quilts - kudos!  To all those who receive them - know that we support you and celebrate you for the service and sacrifice you have given as a sailor in our all volunteer service.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us about the quilts of Valor. I have helped our guild with their Quilts of Valor efforts but have never gotten to see them given out...maybe in the future.