Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heart Strings / Quilts of Valor

These three Quilts of Valor were finished this week.  I put together the kits for each one.  I pieced the first one and did a few of the blocks on each other the others.  The others were pieced by other guild members and my FIL.  Then I quilted each of them and did the binding on the first one.  After I attached the bindings, the other two were bound by guild members.  What I like best about these is that although they are all random, the center strip makes them all look so different. 
Tomorrow I am going to attach binding to another Quilt of Valor that is not a Heart String.  I made it from the leftover pieces of backing on several of the other quilts.  Once I finish that I have another set of Heart Strings blocks to put together for Women's Advocacy.  Love doing these because each one takes on its only personality.  Of course, I do have a few of my own UFOs and other quilts to work on, as well, so I have quilting planned for the remainder of the year!  Doesn't that just make you smile!!  (Probably don't even need to purchase much fabric to make all of them a reality.)

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