Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I finished the binding so it is ready for my husband's birthday.  He designed, pieced, and quilted this quilt.  He also embroidered the 7 wildlife blocks (see the pheasant).  It is his second one.  I did the binding as part of his birthday present.  Thought I would share just a bit of it.  It is going to go on the bed where my FIL sleeps when he visits.  It is pretty warm,but light weight so it will not bother his legs like many of the other heavier quilts I have made.  We decided that it would be very loosely quilted for that reason.  (Shhhh! my FIL does not know he gets to use it.)  The quilt also has extra length at the pillow end because my husband really likes to tuck and cover any and all pillows on the bed.  He did a great job on this one. 

I will unveil the whole thing when Kevin gets back to town.  I know he is anxious to see his quilt finished.

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