Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick Thoughts...or maybe not so Quick

Kevin and I spent the week with the kids and grandbabies. What a wonderful thing to be grandparents. It is also handy that they all live close to each other so our trips are always 2 for 1.

During the first half of the visit, Aleah had to work quite a few hours so while Kevin and Jon painted, pounded, measured, hammered and drilled, I was center-stage with Dean and Bryson. We went full-tilt right up to nap time. However, only the boys had naps. I did some dishes, restoration of the living spaces, and of course a little sewing. The boys are so loving and sweet, but they are also quite opposite in their personalities - Dean's middle name should be "Full Speed Ahead" Bryson's could be "Chilly with my Homies".

On Wednesday we celebrated Zoe's 3rd birthday and Dean's 2nd birthday. How thrilling it is to have them all together at one time. Can't wait for them to reach the age when they can really interact with each other. They are all interested in each other, but there is more observation than interaction.

Our son-in-law was busy helping his friend celebrate his upcoming wedding , so we whisked Jamie and babies off for a long weekend. We went to the AQS Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. We share one room with two beds and the porta-crib. Interesting concept, but I think everyone would have slept better the first night if we had separate rooms. (Second night was much more restful for all of us!!!) We rode a bus to the Expo - a first for Zoe and Henry. Obviously Zoe was much more excited about all of it. The quilt show was fabulous as always and if money were no object, Jamie and I would have purchased more gadgets and fabric than we would ever have time to use. But sensibility won this time. I spent less than $200 and part of that was all of our admissions plus a Sunday present for Jamie. (I will tell you about my purchases in a later post.) Zoe got a measuring tape and was entertained for hours while we walked around. She also loved riding the escalator with Grandpa and then with Grandma and then with Grandpa...... Henry slept in a snuggly sling nestled close to his mommy and away from the well intentioned ooos and awwwws of our fellow quilters. After 6 hours of walking around, riding the escalator, and having lunch, we had another bus ride back to the hotel where Jamie and babies chilled out. Kevin and I took the skywalk(8-10 blocks) back to the show and wandered around for a couple of more hours. We followed that up with pizza in the room. After swimming and chasing around in the pool Zoe had some down time with a little bit of Green Eggs and Ham; Kevin finished a book; I tied a second baby comforter; Henry chilled on the bed; and Jamie tried to get all the blocks trimmed for a friend's wedding quilt.

What a glorious way to spend time. I could not ask for something better than time with family. Throwing fabric and gadgets into the mix just added a little more to the enjoyment. Of course, Kevin and I slept in when we got back home, but neither of us has any complaints about how the time was spent!!!

NOTE: On the way to and from seeing the kids I worked on several quilting projects, but I have a lot more sewing on the last applique block for my Christmas quilt. I am way ahead of schedule though, so................ Now I need to get my hand quilting skills upgraded from extremely rusty to at least much improved. That is how I am going to quilt the Christmas Quilt.

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