Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Advertising My Quilting Services

I write mostly about the actual making of the whole quilts rather than focusing on the quilting, but today I am writing about the whole idea of my quilting services business. I have been quilting for people for a few years, but only by word of mouth, which means I have been quilting for friends and family in Texas, Tennessee, and Iowa. I have not done anything for anyone in Minnesota, but then I have not shared what I do very often with those I have met here.

I have written about how I really do appreciate custom and heirloom quilting, but I have also been very clear that the type of quilting I do is more for the quilts that will be loved and used by infants, toddlers, teens, and people in need of a hug. I see my role as helping to make sure that the whole quilt stays together through many washings, tent making, and cuddling on the couch. I have chosen to work with meandering, loops, loops and stars, loops and hearts, and swirls. I will probably branch out in the months and years to come, but I think my versions of these designs have worked well on the quilts I have quilted. I am always practicing to develop my skills with other designs, but I do not aspire to earn "The Best Machine Quilting" awards at large quilting venues. My preference is to help the quilt top maker turn a wonderful top into a quilt that will be loved and used for many years to come.

I have received many positive comments from those of you who have been given a quilt that I have quilted. Even so, I see my role as the background player so that the quilt top maker receives the applause and praise for a beautiful treasure. After all, every quilt begins with the creative thought from the top designer. Without them, there would be nothing for me to quilt.

If you are interested in my rates and services, please contact me through my email: rahempel@gmail.com. Currently, I have only one quilt waiting to be finished, so you could still have your quilt finished before Christmas.

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