Monday, November 30, 2009

Joint Project Completed and Mailed

Dad H and I had a great time doing this project together. Last Spring, he purchased a Decco 340 and has been making wonderful designs with it on a very regular basis. This quilt represents the second set of blocks that we worked on together. The first set is of Noah's Ark ---I had already made some, but Dad finished them up. I have not made the quilt yet, but today I found the perfect piece of fabric to finish it up. Hopefully, the top will be posted for you to see before the end of the week.
As I stated earlier, we both learned about what happens when you pull the fabric a little to tight and in too many directions as you hoop it. There is some pull around the designs, so I decided to force the blocks to fit even though the inner borders are not even in the blocks. Then I cut all the blocks to the same size and pieced them together. Because of the pull, I decided this might be a very challenging quilt to work through on the longarm, so I used high loft batting and I tied the quilt together with white floss, and then I put a double fold binding on it. It will be a fun quilt for snugglingbecause it is lightweight yet warm. I enjoyed my time sitting with it on my lap while I did the hand sewing on the binding. Believe me it says "CHRISTMAS" all over it!!!

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