Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Under the Weather, BUT the Sewing Machine Is Working

I have been keeping a very low profile today because of some abdominal upsets, but I have continued to cut and sew. I am not working on a quilt today, but rather I made 31 charity fleece stocking hats and 2 more pairs of mittens for children to donate to a non-profit group in the area. While making them I learned a lot about the different types of fleece. Two of colors are a little stretchy and two are just stable and somewhat fuzzy. I was given the pattern and some verbal instructions but did not really pay attention to the directions. The green hats have pointy tops and are really cute, alas they are probably not the correct version. However, they will still keep heads warm and may be hot items for little girls. The others have rounded tops and went together much more quickly. For less than $20 and a day of sewing, I was able to make 31 hats for kids that would otherwise be cold this winter. Living in Minnesota has given me a greater understanding of the importance of having your head covered on cold days. When I make more I will use the fleece with the stretch so that they will be able to fit more head sizes.

I also played with an old sweatshirt that had already been started toward becoming a cardigan. I learned a lot about doing this and may attempt another down the road. For now it will keep me warm in my studio, but will probably never travel upstairs to become part of my regular wear. I guess that I thought that binding the sweatshirt edge should have been as simple as binding a quilt, but I say it is not anything like it. The miters are not things of beauty!

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