Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tops and tops....oh my!

I am trying to set a different kind of goal for myself for the rest of November. I am going to complete all the tops I have actually started and if the body is willing and time allows, I will then see just how many I can also quilt. None of the tops that are actually cut out are spectacular, but they want to be finished just like any ideas in my head. The third one has been in the works for about 5 years, but it is all hand pieced, so....
Yesterday I pieced the first of Dad's embroidered blocks. They are snowpeople. Because he was still very new at using the embroidery machine, he did stretch and distort the fabric some, but they are fun blocks, so I decided to piece them and then use a high loft batting with white floss ties. It should be a fun one for cuddling up.

Today, I am finishing a transportation quilt using blocks that I had made for another project. It will be just right for use in a crib. I have a great piece of transportation fabric to use as backing. I am going to attempt using the wavy ruler to outline the blocks, and then I will add a red binding.

Tomorrow I am going to piece together the hand sewn blocks I made using a pre-cut kit, but use the sewing machine. At one time I was really psyched about the quilt, but then when I started sorting the finishing kit I found that I was short to border strips. Really takes away from the overall look, so I tried to find something that could be substituted. Nothing works, which tells me that I should really finish projects in a more timely fashion. I will just use a different setting. I do know that the backing I have planned is beautiful and still available. It will make a nice cuddle quilt.
There are probably others that I need to uncover, but I am finishing these tops first and then I will search.

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  1. Great Quilt! I'm looking to make a padded headboard for a toddler bed and need transportation cut-outs. Did you make these yourself or cut them out of material?