Monday, October 26, 2009

Special Quilts

Although I do not know all the facts or have any real memories of being a twin, my mom was very clear that I was and that my twin passed away before our first birthday. I was told that the hospital/nursing home where I was born in Kansas burned down and that all the records were destroyed. Mom said that they chose to omit the twin information when they resubmitted the application for the birth certificate because it was just too painful to always be reminded. I have always wondered why I don't know more, but I guess that was a choice my parents made and an acceptable way to do things in the 1950s. The reason for sharing the fact that I am a twin has to do with the quilts that I have just mailed to my twin great-nieces. The quilts are similar in appearance with subtle differences. The large pinwheels were made to represent the individual whose name is on the quilt. The small pinwheels are there to help them to always remember the other twin. I want these girls to be independent thinkers yet always remember that they are a part of something unique.....twinship!

Don't misunderstand by thinking that my other great-nieces and -nephews are less loved, it is just that I feel some different connection because of my own experience or more accurately non-experience with being a twin.
******Each quilt has its own pillow case. As many know, it is not good to store quilts in plastic or up against wood. The pillow case can be used for a pillow now and a storage bag later.

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