Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have been busy!

Many of you already know that on Sept. 23 I became a grandma again for the 4th time and I was there to be the grandma-in-charge of Zoe for a couple of days. Each time has been as special as the first, and each grandchild has been unique. Like so many have said, if I had known being a grandma was so wonderful, I would have skipped kids and gone right in to the grandparent business. Love Jon and Jamie, but there is something so very special about Zoe, Dean, Bryson and Henry.

Since I have been home, I finished up quilting two more quilts for friends, completed a couple of bindings, and made the October Christmas BOM blocks + am working on the second one for November. I also bought a new gizmo to help me see some of the quilting when I am working on similar colored fabrics. Kind of scary, huh? Even so, it is soooooo easy to use and can be dimmed or even very focused, so I will continue to use it in the privacy of my studio. Are you laughing, yet? Maybe I should not have shared this.

My favorite quilting project of the month is creating two quilts for my twin great-nieces. (The first quilt attempts for them did not go as planned and I canned them or actually bagged them to be given away to some unsuspecting daughter or anyone who wants to play around with curves.) Now I am nearly done creating the blocks and will be laying out the tops this week. The quilts are similar, but each has a little bit different appearance since their mommy wants to allow for their own personalities to shine through. Watch for an update in a couple of weeks if not sooner.


  1. Not laughing at you...laughing with you :) I am currently working on the bindings of the cousin quilts for the is so relaxing!

  2. We are enjoying and LOVING our cousin quilts! The girls hang out on them when they are in the living room. I have a hard time not exploring them for long periods myself. I have lots of games made up already for playing with the girls. These will be well-loved for sure. We can't wait to see what Auntie has in store for the twins... but there is no rush... genius takes time. :)

  3. Im sorry....everytime I see that picture of you....I bust a gut!!!!