Monday, May 4, 2009

Sugar Plums Danced In Their Heads

I was not going to let you see my Christmas Quilt BOM until the end of the month, but I liked this one so much I had to share. I had some difficultly with the points on the stars, but by the last star I felt like I was doing great. I actually have more than three kinds of blocks laid out for this month. With boating season upon us, I will be spending more days out on the water doing calm, relaxing things like applique and reading.

Because I want to keep the Christmas BOM out for the full year to help keep me inspired, I had to create another design wall. I needed the other design wall for some other projects. I simply used a sheet of foam insulation board, cut it to fit my closet door, covered it with felt, and hung it with command hooks that simply hook around the board on the top and bottom. Works like a charm!

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