Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Late Wednesday Evening

Normally, I have been asleep for an hour or so, but Kevin is traveling and I don't sleep as well when he is gone. I have taken advantage of all this alone time to make lots of quilt blocks and work on a couple of special "secret" projects for the quilt camp gathering in July. I have two different sewing machines set up because I am working on several projects and am switching off every few hours. The machine in the family room is being used for making log cabin blocks. I watched the finale of Biggest Loser and have a few quilting videos that I am re-watching, and I can do that while I do log cabins. The other blocks are paper pieced and require more attention so they are being do in my studio. During the day the studio windows have been open so I could watch the rain and the birds, but most of the time in there I have been pretty focused.

What I really wanted to share tonight is that I went to quilt guild last night and saw quilts that had been quilted with some gorgeous designs. I came home and thought a lot about what I saw and about what designs I use on quilts. I like what I do because I feel my designs are from the heart and meant to enhance quilts that will be well used, "abused", and loved. I know that when I work on some one's quilt they will be pleased with the results because I make a point of sharing what I plan to do before I start. When I quilt for someone, my work is meant to bring out the beauty and love poured into the quilt top by the maker not be the focal point.

Even so, as I looked at what others had done, I also decided that I am going to practice more and take my skills to the next level. I really don't aspire to enter contests or do judged quilts because I am not someone who loves competing against others. However, I am always willing to learn more and continue to grow in whatever I do. Watch for more posts on my progress toward that next level.

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