Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seek-n-Find Quilts

Next weekend is when my nieces are coming to make baby/kid quilts for the next generation. Considering that there are current 10 babies and young children and 5 more who will arrive this summer or fall, we are way behind the power curve, but then the idea has only been percolating for a few months, so we will see what happens. The plan is to sew 4 1/2" blocks into "seek-n-find quilt tops, and then I will do all the quilting and binding. If we are really good at sewing straight seams I am thinking that we will be able to make a few over the weekend. Then I will start recruiting my sisters, as well. The fabric for the tops has come from my stash, my daughter's stash, and even a little from my mom's stash, so there are memories being shared simply because of that, as well.

We laid one set of blocks last night, and Zoe was really excited to help. Imagine our surprise and amazement when she went and found all the bean bags I had made, earlier this spring, and started matching them to the blocks. Tonight, Zoe and I hung out while all the others went to the Twins game. We had some other square out doing something else, and she was matching empty spools and rubber rings to the blocks. There was a very simple joy in watching her be so involved with these activities. I believe that the best part of the quilts we are undertaking will be the joy in watching the kids as they use these "love" quilts. Hopefully before the end of 2009 we will have this round of quilts finished, but even if it takes a little longer, we will follow this up.

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