Monday, May 4, 2009

Special Baby Quilts

When I first started making baby quilts for customers, I did not have my longarm, so I knew that I would need to tie or use my embroidery machine to take care of the quilting aspect. The three quilts that I am sharing here are my own design, but I must say that I have seen similar types of quilts since I did these. The two bear quilts were made for twins. the head and hands have additional batting to make them stand out. The names were embroidered with my machine. I used Warm and Natural for batting, and all are tied using embroidery floss. The other one was adapted from these. A customer wanted to have something that would truly be representative of how much he cared about the nephew he was expecting. The young man is a fair skinned, freckled red-head, so that was what he wanted. The facial features are basically very light, but that is what the customer requested. The nephew came with the same complexion, so it was perfect for both of them.

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