Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pregnant Shirts for Summer

My niece and I have shared different blogs. One was written about making spring/summer shirts and showed a new shirt each day, plus shirts that others had shared. I asked if it was a hint, and also suggested that she might try to sew some herself since she is expecting twins. (There seem to be fewer and fewer maternity type shirts available.) Her response let me know that although she loved the thought, she did not think she could do it. Something about perfectionism pops up when we talk about sewing. Well, for many reasons I decided to take up a little clothes sewing to support two of the pregnant women in my life. My daughter is also expecting, so I made two tops and applied the same idea as my mom would have: "Whoever fits it, gets it!" So the two shirts showing are headed south to Alabama and others are already in the works for Iowa. I should have thought about several aspects of bodily changes that happen during pregnancy when I chose the size of the pattern. Also, I I did not find any pregnant shirt patterns that I even wanted to make, so I had to do a little experimenting.
I do have some quilting that is starting to back up, so I will be found in the studio most of the time over the next few days, but I may be stitching on shirts, as well.

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