Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cannon Waves

It was Jamie's 29th birthday yesterday. I treated us to a quilt class at a local quilt store. We were both interested in learning how to do curved piecing. I have done a little, but thought the class would help me confirm my approach or find a new way. We used a template set that was "a little pricey" as another woman in the class said, but once we started cutting we were convinced that it was worth the money. The embarrassing part is that I bought the template several weeks ago and also had most everything lined up to take to class, and then....

Zoe, my precious granddaughter, is in that potty training stage. It tends to throw a kink into the works because, as those of us who have been through it know, toddlers have small bladders and poor timing. (More correctly stated, our objectives are not always in sych.) Also, Jamie arrived at our house about 10:00 pm on Friday night, and we did not have any fabric selected for the quilt tops. I am usually headed for bed before 10:00, but we stayed up and visited and then went to my studio and picked colors from my stash so that we would at least be able to start the class. I have lots of blues and believe that the colors chosen do look great together, but we had also speed cut the 8 - 1/3 yard pieces of fabric, so of course they were not truly accurate! The morning sped by very quickly, but we were able to leave the house on time due to my husband's efficient time keeping skills. However, we left without our cutting mats, the templates, and the correct size ruler.
The class was two hours long, and we spent most of the time listening to instructions, sharing tips for cutting, sewing and pressing and then cutting our pieces with a borrowed template. I managed to sew exactly one block at the class, but put together 9 more of the blocks in about an hour today. There are 48 blocks total in this lap-size quilt. Half face like the photo, the others are flipped. I am looking forward to the final products. Part of Jamie's birthday gift was also the fabric for her quilt -- she found a collection of fabric just as we walked into the shop, so she has started hers, as well. In time, I will share both of them because I am certain they will both be quilted here.

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  1. I have a little over 1/2 of my blocks together. I got 3 done at the class and then did the rest last night. (in between potty trips for Zoe)