Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quilted but needs binding, ETC, ETC

The very large queen, or is that a king, quilt that I have been working on has been quilted.  It felt like a monster as I loaded it.  It was the largest quilt I have ever quilted.  It was basically edge to edge on my table.  Now for the binding.  It will be started in the morning, but tonight we(both my husband and I) are putting together another large quilt and hopefully loading it on the machine.  The clock is ticking for putting away the machine for 14 months, so I will spend most of my daytime hours quilting and organizing what other things will go into storage.  Life is wonderful, but moving is always a challenge.  What do i need to finish before I pack up the things I want stored in a special unit, what should I take with me to Vermont, and finally what should I let the movers have for storage. This is the most unique move we have ever made.  Life is not dull!

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