Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guild Happenings

Went to guild for the last time.  We had a final UFO activity where 37 members had signed up committing themselves to finish just one project to share tonight.  Many members got up saying that I had inspired them to do at least one project.  A few made me choke up because they said they did it because they wanted to honor our friendship.  What an amazing feeling to have!  I had my top done, but I was relegated to the "Hall of Shame" along with about 10 others who did not finish.  Of course, my excuse seems valid enough ---- I was quilting up lots of the Heart Strings quilts so that I could pass them on for binding.  (The group still heckled but it was all in fun.) 

I had a car full of quilts and items to distribute during the meeting.  I delivered 10 finished quilts, 5 quilted but not bound quilts, and 4 tops with backs and bindings.  I brought home lots of Quilts of Valor but have not counted them up yet.  All in all it was a win-win night for me.

My friend, Sharon, presented me with a purse she had made to honor the memories of all the Heart Strings and the cutting of strings.  One side is made up of squares of patriotic fabrics.  She did a great job of honoring my life as a Navy wife, as well.   The other side is representative of all the kid fabrics. (Is there a message in that about never growing up?)  It is so cool!  I know there is a pattern for this, but I do not know the name.

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