Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Efforts

Child's quilt

I actually quilted 3 quilts today.  The first was one of my Quilts of Valor.  The two small ones shown are going to be passed on for someone else to bind and then donate.  I mounted another child's quilt to be quilted tomorrow.   In the next few days (during the daytime) I will quilt several more quilts for children and several others that will be donated to a women's shelter.  Once all of these are quilted, they will be passed on to others to bind and donate.  The quilts tops were made earlier this year by my quilt guild during our Heart Strings sewing day. 

Child-sized wheelchair quilt
I also have 5 more Quilts of Valor to finish and maybe another one or two other Heart Strings, but I believe it can be done.  It is just a matter of sticking to the plan.

This evening, with Kevin's help, I trimmed the two large bed quilts I quilted earlier this week and set everything for binding.  Attaching the binding is my first task of the morning.  This my priority.  Never imagined how long it was going to take to make the pieced binding for the king-size quilt but I think it will have quite an impact on the quilt.  I will spend the next few evenings binding like a maniac.  Somewhere along the way, I am going to have to do some packing of my studio, but I am thinking that my daughter would LOVE to help me with this on Father's Day weekend.  (Hint, hint, hint, Jamie!)

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