Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Efforts

This was Kevin's last day of leave so he spent most of the day sorting, cleaning, and packing his wood shop.  I spent most of it making binding and quilting a queen-size quilt, but also spent some time at the chapel like I do most Wednesdays..  We did manage to take a few 15 minute breaks together and had our meals together as always when he is home.  I finished off my quilting time by loading another Quilt of Valor to be quilted first thing in the morning.  I have another ready to be loaded after lunch so I am beginning to feel like I am whittling down the piles.  The June 17th deadline is fast approaching for packing up my longarm, I will have a few weeks with my Bernina for any other sewing. (I figured out that I can do the attaching and hand stitching of the bindings after all the tops are quilted.)

Just have to remember to take time to breathe.  Probably will go to the Y for swimming tomorrow.  I have not been for a while, and I know it is something that energizes me.

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