Thursday, November 11, 2010

Several Not so Quilty Things

1.  My husband will retire after 30 years of active duty service in July.  Today I am working on creating some "save the date" postcards to send out to some family and friends.  Biggest problem was finding his ensign photo.  I knew it had to be here somewhere.  It is not like we have moved 17+ times in this 30 year time period.  Turns out it was hidden in plain view with other framed photos of the family.  This party will mark our move from military to civilian life, and we are planning to celebrate with abandonment or at least with some of the important people in our lives.  The military experience has brought us many benefits and unique life experiences, even if we also had to endure many separations and changes of location.

2.  Although this is about a special quilt, it also about memory.  The original stars I machine embroidered for my husband's retirement quilt just seem to big, so I am redoing them two sizes smaller.  Can't seem to find the right font, but I will.  I want to start sewing them on this weekend so I will find the right version today!!! If you remember, I said that this quilt was inspired by a Quilt of Valor that I quilted.  Ran across the photo of it a few days ago and was really surprised how different it was from how I remembered it.

3.  Met with my personal trainer for the second time yesterday.  I believe that the stability ball will become my best friend in time, but I did feel a little AWKWARD yesterday.  Oh well, I did not get into this shape in a day, either.  lol

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