Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

As you will recall, my favorite piecing machine went in for repairs last Thursday and has been gone for almost a week.  That means it should be home some time tomorrow.  I have used the time whether wisely or not to have ALL the carpets cleaned (It has taken several days to really get them dry.)  We have also been to see all 5 of our grandchildren and their parents, my sister, BIL, some of her children, and meet our 2 grandniece twins.  On top of that I have been quilting more of my UFOs and charity quilts.  Yesterday, I quilted 3 lap size quilts, 2 wheelchair quilts and a pillow top for a dog bed.  Feels so good to have these done, or at least ready for binding when my machine returns.

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  1. Love this machine. You asked on my blog what a PIG is. That is basically project in a grocery sack. That fabric/pattern that you got and never did anything with. I still have several of them that I want to make and several others that I decided I wasn't going to make and just put the fabric back in my stash.