Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another UFO Finished

I did a lot of quilting the other day.  I was into swirls.  This quilt has been waiting for me to do something for well over a year, or is that for years?  The fabric was from a different quilt that I purchased years ago but never convinced myself to do.  I decided to experiment with the pre-cut pieces and design some thing fun.  Although I did seem to get a little heavy-handed with the swirls it is very soft and cuddly.  It was a bit chilly tonight and having this one on my lap kept me just comfy.  It measures 42 x 54.  It will be a donation quilt, after I take it to guild to prove that I have finished it because it is one of my 11 listed projects. (4 done and two others just need to be bound,)
Considering that we got up at 4:00 AM to make a run to the airport this morning, I should be in bed sound asleep, but wanted to share.  (Actually, because it is now 12:19, it is tomorrow, but I plan to pull the darkening curtains and sleep in until ????????????  After I finished binding this quilt, thought about sleep, but instead I started hand stitching the binding on another small quilt created from more fabric from the same pre-cuts. 
Earlier today, a friend invited me to go to lunch and then look at fabric, so I spent time last night figuring out exactly what I wanted for my next UFO project and bought some butter cream batik for the background.  This is one of those UFOs where I had almost all of the fabric and the challenge but had to find the right pattern.  I have been searching for the months and finally found one that I will of course tweak to meet my goal of making it a scrappy queen-size for my new bed (Just got the bed, but have had the fabric for 2 years.),  I will begin cutting it out on Sunday after I finish another customer quilt.  I consider myself so blessed to have time to do what I love every single day.


  1. I love the color and the design, Robin. It looks like a cheerful quilt. That is quite a generous donation. :) Loved seeing all of you last weekend at Liz and Dave's.