Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update on My Current Efforts

With the end of this weekend, I will have finished quilting and binding two more quilts and quilting 3 others with the binding attached, and while doing it, I did a great deal of thinking about life.  I also read the book The Shack  and am trying hard to really process  what it means to my life.  Thanks, Deb, for recommending it over and over again until I accepted the challenge.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!

There are some real changes happening in this home.  My husband will be doing more traveling for work, but never like when he deployed on a ship.  I am no longer working at the quilt shop because I decided it was time to make some real positive changes in my life.  Not sure where the whole thing will go, but I am thinking I will sleep better and get more done of what I really enjoy and/or need.  These changes may occasionally be mentioned here, but many are personal and not really about quilting. 

Watch for a few photos tomorrow.

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