Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now I can share because the packages have been received.

The first three quilts are ones made by my niece's MIL or other relative.  They were found in storage.  The first seems to have somewhat of a logical pattern.  The second one actually looks like several different quilts and would be what I call a "very" utilitarian quilt.  It has cotton, wool, satin, embossed and some other fabric that I could not identify.  Based on certain aspects of the fabrics, I could tell that the pieces were from used clothing.  Obviously, this quilt top was made by a thrifty, early era recycler. Basically, it was made to keep someone warm. 
There was another part on the quilt, but I had to remove it because my niece plans to use these, and the part I removed had tears and worn areas that would not have held up. 
From the part I removed I made a doll size quilt, so that nothing was left unused. 

The last quilt has not had its binding stitched because I left that to my sister.  She has read my blog for months and has also checked out Mary's site on a regular basis.  That is where she found the Framed Rectangles pattern.  It will look great in her grandson's new bedroom. 
Now I am working on some other personal projects and a few of my FIL's embroidered works.  More pictures will be posted soon.


  1. Robin--I'm feeling a little bit famous with the baby quilt photo on your blog! The binding is half done. Need to pace myself or won't accomplish another thing. The needle and thread are primed and ready to go! Thanks again!

  2. Well, you can become really famous by continuing to send me quilt tops, which I will continue to post. I love working with what you send because everything is so well constructed and so neatly prepared and squared up. You do an excellent job. Why not do more? Love your quilt!