Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoying Myself and Going Through the Process with a Smile!

I am in the process of quilting a number of quilts that will eventually end up with my niece.  The first one (a cousin quilt) was completed and even bound last week.  The second one (E's wedding quilt) came off the HQ on Saturday.  The third has just been pinned and will be mounted in a few minutes.  I will finish the other quilting this week.  Then comes the binding.  I love the final process of sewing on the binding, but it takes me as long to bind a quilt as it does to prepare it to be quilted and the complete the actual quilting.  That means that I will be working on these for a few weeks.  I enjoy the process!

Two others of the quilt tops were found in E's mother-in-law's home.  They are utilitarian quilts with lots of "orphan" blocks made from what appears to be parts of old clothes.  Parts are hand sewn and others are machine pieced.  One quilt needed to be revised so now there will be a lap quilt and a doll sized quilt, but I tried hard to maintain what had been done by the original quilter.  It always amazes me to see what people can do with what is available to them.  Whoever made these tops was a true recycler even before we used those words. 

Photos will follow.

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