Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing with Leftovers

I had 47 red,  white/tan, and blue squares leftover from the alphabet quilt.  There were not enough to do anything large, but this little quilt which measures 38 x 48 and will be quilted with red thread using one of my pantographs that I have not tried, yet.  The top row may look off centered but it is because of the dark blue sides on the blocks.  Since this is just something I wanted to play with, I see no reason to re-arrange anything now that it is sewn.  I started with 4 patch blocks and cut off a three inch strip.  Then after looking at the blocks, I realized that I needed on more complete block to make it a 3 x 4.  That is when I started playing with the dark blue.  I cut one 5 x 5 block and used the last three squares from my leftovers to make the 12th block.  However, I then realized that the blocks were not squares anymore because of that second cut.  I decided to add the blue to each square.  Then I decided I needed a border.  Did not notice the top row issue until everything was seemed.  decided that if someone saw the quilt in person it would be self-explanatory so not RIPPING!
It is too small to be a Quilt of Valor, but Kevin and my FIL both said it would be a great wheelchair quilt, so once it is quilted it will head to my VA Home pile of quilts.  The back fabric is a flannel patriotic with flags and meaningful words. 


  1. I LOVE it! To me, it comes across very mod, comfortable and unexpected.

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